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Hommage rendu à Monsieur Mohamed Arslane Bachetarzi


The Public Procurement Guarantee Fund, represented by its Manager Director, Mr. Oualid Nasri, and its senior executives, paid tribute on 22 May 2023 to the former Managing Director and founder of the CGMP, Mohamed Arselane Bachetarzi.

Mr. Nasri, on behalf of himself and all the employees of the Caisse, expressed his thanks and gratitude to Mr. Mohamed Arslane Bachetarzi, in recognition of his major and eminent role in the creation of the CGMP, and his efforts during his career as Chief Institutional Officer.

On this occasion, the main meeting room of the institution’s headquarters was named in the name of Mr BACHETARZI, with a certificate of thanks and gratitude attached to a symbolic gift given by the Director-General.