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February 1998
Creation of CGMP

In a context marked by the restriction of budgetary resources, the Public Procurement Guarantee Fund - CGMP- was created as a specialized financial institution. The first service provided by the CGMP is the loan guarantees launched in the same year.

Launch of receivables mobilization loans

Under the 2005 Finance Act and instruction no. 08 of the Ministry of Finance dated 19 March 2005, the Fund was empowered to grant cash credits in the form of the mobilization of debt loan in its favour.

March 2005

December 2006
Launch of advance credits on work and invoices

The Fund launched the credit called the advance on works debt or invoice to enable undertakings to benefit from the cash flow necessary for the performance of the public contracts entrusted to them from the outset of the claim.

Opening of the first regional branch

In order to get closer to its customers, the CGMP opened the first regional branch in the wilaya of CHLEF.

Juy 2007

July 2008
Opening of the southern regional office

With a view to widening its intervention for the guarantee of public equipment projects located in the South region, the CGMP has set up a South Regional Directorate installed at the wilaya of Ouargla.

Implementation of an integrated information system

The CGMP has a centralized and fully integrated information system that enables the collection, processing and production of real-time information on credit transactions and day-to-day management.

July 2011

February 2018
Launch of a electronic portal for customer

Launch of a electronic portal for customer