• Contribute to the development of the national economy


Since its inception, the Public Procurement Guarantee Fund has handed over all the guarantees or bonds provided for by the regulation of public transactions as follows:

  • Bid bond,

  • Performance bond.

  • Fixed supply bond.

  • Supply bond.


This product granted by the Public procurement Guarantee Fund since 2006 includes two types of treasury loans:

  • Mobilization Debt loan.
  • Advance on works debts or invoices.

Collateral (Advance Payment Guarantees)

The Public procurement Guarantee Fund can guarantee you at your main bank financed for your transactions and orders through a letter of guarantee for the purpose of:

  • Obtaining as soon as possible an advance on your dues to the State certified and approved work statements that remained due after the expiration of the statutory period of 30 days. This is due for other non-financial reasons (administrative restrictions) The project is diagnosed and the payment license is available but loans are not released in time to pay the bills and works statements.

  • Pre-financing loans.

Or provide these services in order to facilitate the completion of the transaction by giving you the financing best suited to your needs