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visit to the local branch of the wilaya of Chlef


As part of his weekly activities and the monitoring of business developments, Mr. General Manager of the Public Procurement Guarantee Fund carried out a visit to the local branch of the wilaya of Chlef, to ensure the provision of better services and to bring the interests of the fund closer to the economic partner.

The Director-General began his visit with a meeting with the head of the fund to listen to the various concerns raised by the economic partners, in order to develop the services of the Fund to be a true accompaniment of the institutions executing with the contracting authorities for a better progress of the sector of public procurement.

M. the Director-General has committed to work to find solutions to these concerns, taking the necessary measures to improve the services provided by the Fund, and by strengthening cooperation with contracting authorities to develop the public procurement sector.

This visit is part of the efforts made by the Public Procurement Guarantee Fund to improve the business climate by encouraging businesses and sub-enterprises to public procurement contractors to implement their projects and develop their services to help create new jobs and promote economic growth in Algeria.